What is AutoRoute?

Auto Route is Flutter navigation package that allows for strongly-typed arguments passing, effortless deep-linking and code generation to simplify routes setup. It allows you to generate everything needed for navigation inside of your app with minimal code.

Why AutoRoute?

If your App requires deep-linking or guarded routes or just a clean routing setup you'll need to use named/generated routes and you’ll end up writing a lot of boilerplate code for mediator argument classes, checking for required arguments, extracting arguments and a bunch of other stuff. See some of the many supported features in this package:

  • Named Routes
  • Path Parameters and Wildcard Matching
  • Nested Routes and Routers
  • Customizable Route Transitions
  • Deep Linking
  • Route Guards
  • Easy Bottom Navigation Bar Routing
  • Declarative Routing
  • Flow Routing
And much, much more...